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The Moderated Submissions Food Safety Community's Journal
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
2:16 am
LIVE post: Members still pending.
These are the members still pending:

darkangelkalas Accepted.
pirate_eggie Accepted.
toriajane Accepted.

None have sent me messages for confirmation OR have little (or vague) info/incentive for me to approve them. If any current members can vouch for any of them--i.e., vouch that they are not trolls and not here to start trouble, I will be watching this post (or you can send me a message).

First sign of trolling = banhammer, so it's wise not to test me/us.

(UPDATE) I will be on and off, but for those who sent me messages and have vouched in this post (for yourself or someone else; if yourself, know that I've already checked you out as well), you've been accepted. I wish I was "off" for a while (so I could SLEEP), but my dang dogs are sick (THEY ate something that they shouldn't have--I think a can of their dog food was bad, but not because of dented cans or anything--for some reason it looks like a manufacturing process "bad" or something, because they've been sick ever since) and I have to take them out when they whine. I'll tag this post; new members feel free to sub your posts if you have any and I'll get to those, too.

(UP-UPDATE) The mod of can_i_eat_this has shown and posted a mod post. I'll probably keep this comm anyway, but know that posts and admissions will still be moderated. Perhaps that's what will be different about our communities?

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