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This community was created because can_i_eat_this was been overrun by children after being spotlighted. (Thanks a whole lot, LJ Spotlight!) The mod showed up eventually at Can I Eat This?, but the trolls still exist/she won't delete them.

SO--this here will still exist as a comm with the same intent, just with moderated admissions and submissions.

The rules are pretty much the same as listed here, except that there will be no trolling. There is absolutely no room for the troll b.s. in this community.

First sign of trolling = immediate ban. Disabling comments is also prohibited and posts with disabled comments will be deleted (unless they're a mod post/are messages from the mods who deem the post not up for discussion).

There aren't any other rules than that. When you post, try to tag your posts with existent tags or relevant tags (a post asking about whether week-old clam chowder should be eaten/is safe would be tagged with any or all of the following: "soup, chowder, clams, seafood, clam chowder"). It will make it easier for future members and food conquistadors to find out if their question has already been answered. :)

While the strikeout above is pretty much how this all got started, I feel like I need to add something and break off from that "sister" community. Why?

-- The Mod is never there to take care of the trolls.

-- This community is for people who ask about their food/consumables safety after reasonable "questionable" activity with whatever it is you want to consume. I.e., if you have to freaking ask if you can eat something you cooked & ate last night and stuck in your working refrigerator, don't bother. You are a moron and you don't deserve to feed yourself. E.g., if you have to ask if you can eat the yogurt that expired YESTERDAY (or the beans-in-a-can that "expired" a week before your post), don't bother! YOU ARE A FREAKING MORON AND DESERVE TO STARVE.

-- No trolling. See above strikeout.

-- Please tag (though it's not required). Again, see above strikeout.

-- We are by no means authorities on food safety, but a lot of us have eaten things that yer Mom would turn white over. Don't blame us if you get sick after following our advice (or not following it), and when in doubt, brush up on your Google-fu to get a second (or third) opinion.

-- Also when in doubt, use common sense. If the veggies are slimy, toss them. If the Chinese food smells rancid, toss it. If the milk tastes sour, etc., etc.